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Rainbow Bridge Urns is your online source for Dog Urns, Cat Urns, Small Pet Urns & Pet Memorial Products.

Rainbow Bridge Urns, an extension of Fluke's Aftercare, was built on personal experience when we had to send our dog Fluke, to what's commonly known in the pet lover's world as Rainbow Bridge on May 23, 2003.

We understand what it feels like to lose a beloved family member having experienced it ourselves. We want to know that they have been handled lovingly and want to preserve their memory the best way we know how. After waiting a week or more to receive Fluke's ashes back, we were hurt and horrified to see that he was returned to us in a white cardboard mailer box. He deserved so much more and so did we. With Rainbow Bridge Urns, we are pleased to be able to offer you the perfect "forever" home for your pet.

Rainbow Bridge Urns and Fluke's Aftercare are based on the love we had for Fluke and for all the wonderful pets like him.
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